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Ep. 76 – Lift ’em up Flow

Lift those arches! In this full-length live class we build a strong connection to the foundation of hands and feet and learn how to draw energy up from the floor. Once in place, we’ll go through a slow, strong, and steady core-based flow, build into some standing poses with a […]

Yoga Alignment How-To Guide

What is Yoga Alignment? For this discussion, we will consider the use of musculoskeletal cues that move the physical body in a predetermined direction and/or shape. There is, of course, a world of subtlety beyond this level of practice. The same nondogmatic approach discussed below should be relevant to breath-led, […]

Ep. 75 – Centre It

Centre your body, your energy, and your focus before you need to be creative, focused, or just a little bit more there. Through a short and focused practice, we will bring awareness, balance, strength, and stretch to the core. This is not a bang it out core strength practice, but […]

Yoga Audio Class Live Flow

Ep. 74 – Keep Rooted Flow

Flow to Pigeon Pose in a strong but well-paced full-length live class focused on keeping awareness and strength through your center (focused on sacral alignment and core engagement) while working into complicated shapes. We will move incrementally through a full body experience leading up to an upright pigeon pose. Prepare […]

Ep. 73 – Stretch for 30

Need a practice that isn’t too active but is still yoga – meaning you can feel the body, breathe, and work with physical and mental tension? Well – here you go! We will go through stretchy but accessible poses for 30 minutes including a whole range of hip and shoulder openers systematically timing […]

Yoga Practice Basics 2

Home Yoga Practice Structure We can easily over complicate yoga practice. Sometimes, it’s good just to get back to basics and do a bit of everything to feel good. Trust the yoga!     For a well-rounded practice, I suggest the below structure. The shorter time frame will give you about […]

Ep. 72 – Keep it Together Flow

Find your center when everything else gets complicated. That’s how we’ll function as we work through pigeon pose and variations, some deep twists, and a little arm balance play. We’ll use this practice to feel our bodies and learn to breathe and focus when times get tough. (All levels/65 minutes) […]

On Father’s Day

When I think of my father, I find myself seventeen years old and back in our garage. I stand underneath the fluorescent lights while an oscillating fan blows some cool air my way – a welcome relief on a hot and humid Florida night. The radio is of course tuned […]

Ep. 71 – AM30

Here’s a thirty minute morning yoga practice for you to get your day started right. We’ll ease in with ten minutes of warm up, get moving with ten minutes of flow, and then finish with ten minutes of standing postures, backbends and some quick releases to wind it all down […]