Yoga Beginners

Yoga Beginners Resources

Here are resources specifically created for yoga beginners. Browse through the entries or search by subject to find information to help support your beginning practice or your beginner students.  Take a beginners course with me for more.

Ep. 44 – Complete Beginners Practice

Here’s a complete class from one of my beginners courses.  In this class we will review an all-around beginner’s sequence, take a look at chaturanga, and in general look at where the feet, thighs, and hips go in yoga practice.  Build your confidence to keep practicing! (Beginners/60 Minutes) Donate a small […]

Beginners Yoga Podcast

Ep. 32 – Beginner Friendly Flow

Beginners, here’s a simple but strong flowing practice to keep you moving throughout the week. We’ll work through some sun-salutations and standing poses with plenty of time and direct instructions to limit the confusion. This is a much more flowing practice than the previous beginner’s podcast. Enjoy!(Beginners/25 minutes) Donate a […]

How to use yoga props

The prop cabinet can seem like a cabinet of mysteries. What’s the difference between a block and a brick? Why do I need them? What do I do with a strap (at least in polite company)?  We often fail to explain how to use yoga props and how they can help […]

how to use yoga props

Ep. 17 – How to do ujjayi breath

In five minutes, learn how to do ujjayi breath and apply it to a half sun-salutation. So often, people struggle with or forget about the breath in a vinyasa class. So often, people over-do ujjayi and strain themselves into a Darth Vader fury.  Return to basics and work with a […]

No Excuses Guide to Starting Yoga

  Originally published at Soberistas I’m sure you can think of a million excuses why you’re not going to sign up for that yoga class you’ve been meaning to try for years. Or why you’re going to delay it a couple more months or wait until you finish that big […]

Ep 8 – Yoga Basics

Here’s a basic practice incorporating an easy warm-up, half sun-salutations, three standing poses, a balance, and a twist and a fold to close.  A great way to remind yourself of basic yoga postures if you are new to yoga, or just a simple mellow practice if you don’t want to […]