Yoga Teacher Tips

Yoga Alignment How-To Guide

What is Yoga Alignment? For this discussion, we will consider the use of musculoskeletal cues that move the physical body in a predetermined direction and/or shape. There is, of course, a world of subtlety beyond this level of practice. The same nondogmatic approach discussed below should be relevant to breath-led, […]

Yoga Teaching Tips for an Authentic Voice

Discover your authentic yoga teaching voice By Sarah Scharf   Holding space authentically requires strong and receptive presence. Sarah Scharf offers us yoga teachers these great tips to hold space in the yoga classroom authentically and sustainably as a professional yoga teacher running around town. Here are some concrete tools from Sarah […]

Yoga Teacher Training London

Yoga Teacher Myths 1

What is a yoga teacher? On the Yoga on the Lane Teacher Training course in London on which I’ve been teaching, we spent several hours this weekend discussing the reality of teaching yoga. When you begin teaching yoga, it is common and natural to set high standards for yourself based on […]