Yoga Practice Diary

On Father’s Day

When I think of my father, I find myself seventeen years old and back in our garage. I stand underneath the fluorescent lights while an oscillating fan blows some cool air my way – a welcome relief on a hot and humid Florida night. The radio is of course tuned […]

On Second Chances

I returned to the National Gallery this weekend for another museum meditation. I wanted to sit with a piece, grounded in my body and breath, and see where it took me. I had previously stuck with the safe terrain of flowers, but thought I’d look at some of the religious […]

On the Art of Meditation 2

Art and Meditation Art and meditation and how they intersect have been interesting me more and more. I was recently inspired by Shannon Stephens‘s Yoga Journal article 12 Steps to Turn an Art Museum Visit into a Mindful Meditation and I thought I’d give her lesson of using artwork as a […]

On Music and Magic

Seeking Silence A bit of a confession: I’ve been spending a bit more time playing piano then anything else lately. Why does this feel like a confession that I have to whisper? I’ve been stirring this around in my head and been facing all sorts of guilt cycles and queries […]

Essential Yoga Reads

Originally published at yogamatters What are the best yoga books? A confession: I’m a bookworm. I was recently asked by a teacher during a guided meditation, “Where do you find refuge?”. In other words, where do I go for support, reassurance, and inspiration?  Where is my safe harbour? I immediately […]

On Men and Real Men Doing Yoga

Originally appeared at Ohmme Every so often a well-meaning article pops up with the unfortunate title “Real Men Do Yoga.” They leave me dying to ask: What is a non-real man? Are men actually afraid that upon their firstom they will be swiftly ushered away into a non-real man universe […]