Yoga Practice Tips

Yoga Alignment How-To Guide

What is Yoga Alignment? For this discussion, we will consider the use of musculoskeletal cues that move the physical body in a predetermined direction and/or shape. There is, of course, a world of subtlety beyond this level of practice. The same nondogmatic approach discussed below should be relevant to breath-led, […]

Yoga Practice Basics 2

Home Yoga Practice Structure We can easily over complicate yoga practice. Sometimes, it’s good just to get back to basics and do a bit of everything to feel good. Trust the yoga!     For a well-rounded practice, I suggest the below structure. The shorter time frame will give you about […]

Relaxing Yoga Poses

Essential Relaxing Yoga Poses

Originally published at Yogamatters     How do you relax with yoga poses? Needing relaxation is different than needing rest. A body that is ready to rest, and is otherwise balanced, can usually find it with some level of ease. A body that needs to relax because it is over-stimulated, […]

Essential Savasana Props

Originally published at yogamatters Props for Savasana? Savasana is one of the most important poses we can bring into our practice, but is often practiced too quickly, without attention to alignment, and without clarity about how to deepen it. We fidget. We daydream. We snore. We start thinking about dinner. […]

Yoga Savasana Props