15-30 minutes

Ep. 71 – AM30

Here’s a thirty minute morning yoga practice for you to get your day started right. We’ll ease in with ten minutes of warm up, get moving with ten minutes of flow, and then finish with ten minutes of standing postures, backbends and some quick releases to wind it all down […]

Ep. 64 – Make Space

Everything a bit too fast and in your face? Here’s a short, slow, and focused practice to make some space in the body, and while we’re at it, the mind and heart. We’ll work through releasing the inner thigh muscles mostly, flowing through some squats, standing poses, and folds. Great […]

Ep. 62 – Evening Letting Go

Here’s a no-fuss evening letting go of stress, fatigue, or whatever you need to let go of practice. We’ll go through some gentle shoulder, hip, and spine releases and end on the floor. If you want to do more there is an optional additional 10 minutes of restorative and meditation. […]

Ep. 60 – Thirty-minute Reset!

Short, strong, and to the point.  5 minutes of meditation, 20 minutes of practice (hip warm up, flow, standing poses, back bend and twist), 5 minutes of savasana. Use this quick and effective practice to reset during a busy or stressful time, or when you just want a little jolt […]

Ep. 56 – Hamstring Helpers

For years I struggled with and against my hamstrings and sought every way possible to stretch them. But sometimes the indirect path is the best and leads to a more pleasant journey. This practice will stretch the hamstrings by not stretching the hamstrings constantly and directing some attention to the […]

hamstring helpers

How to do crow pose

Ep. 49 – Bakasana, Crow Pose, Crane Pose

How to do Crow Pose Bakasana, Crow Pose, Crane Pose, or whatever you want to call it can be tough. Really, it is just a combination of a bunch of simple and common yoga postures and movements. Combining them can, however, be tricky.  This short tutorial practice will teach all […]

Ep. 48 – Slow & Chill

Before meditation, before bedtime, or before anything stressing you out, here’s a short, slow, and chill practice to unwind through the hips and spine.  You’ll spend most of the time lying down and letting tension unwind.  All you need is a yoga brick or a firm cushion. (Gentle/20 Minutes) Donate a […]

Ep. 37 – Sick of Being Sick

This is a practice for when you’ve been sick for awhile and still don’t have much energy but need to do something. We’ll spend most of the time on the floor or seated stretching and moving through most of the body in a very gentle way, breathing, and calming down […]

Ep. 36 – Post Gym Practice

Wiped out from the gym and your cardio routine? Here’s a quick fix practice to stretch hamstrings, hips, quads, shoulders and just cool you down in general. We’ll start with a bit of movement and then slow down into stillness. Easy to do on a mat in the gym or […]

Beginners Yoga Podcast

Ep. 32 – Beginner Friendly Flow

Beginners, here’s a simple but strong flowing practice to keep you moving throughout the week. We’ll work through some sun-salutations and standing poses with plenty of time and direct instructions to limit the confusion. This is a much more flowing practice than the previous beginner’s podcast. Enjoy!(Beginners/25 minutes) Donate a […]