Ep. 74 – Keep Rooted Flow

Flow to Pigeon Pose in a strong but well-paced full-length live class focused on keeping awareness and strength through your center (focused on sacral alignment and core engagement) while working into complicated shapes. We will move incrementally through a full body experience leading up to an upright pigeon pose. Prepare […]

Yoga Audio Class Live Flow

Ep. 67 – Heartspace Flow

By physically opening the front and back of yoga heart region, we will explore the possibility of metaphorically opening up ourselves to be more compassionate to ourselves and others. Expect lots of upper body opening, backbends, and flow to get us in the mood. (All Levels/62 Minutes) Donate a small […]

Ep. 65 – Sideways Flow

This flow emphasises side stretch and backbends through postures including reverse warrior, side plank, wild thing, and half camel pose. This class is strong while still deeply felt and expressive. Oh yeah, you’ll get some forearm balance practice as well. While we feel these postures we’ll learn to feel into […]

Ep. 47 – Deep Twist and Backbend Flow

This strong and sweaty flow will help open the chest and release the spine in preparation for some backbends.  We’ll do a progression of deep twists leading up to revolved triangle and then work on dancer pose and upward-facing bow (wheel) pose.  We’ll also sneak in some work on forearm […]

Ep. 35 – Plug in and Feel it

This class is all about the flow, the feeling, and the energy of the practice.  I spend a lot of the time instructing through the musculoskeletal system and getting very specific about alignment. But it’s good to let some of that go and just move and breathe.  This audio class […]

Ep. 33 – Big Backbend Bonanza

Scorpion Pose, Inverted Staff, and the means to get there! Here’s a full length practice with a bit of flow and a bit of detailed work on some tough backbends.  If you have time, I suggest starting with some slow warm ups as detailed in my ‘prepare for bigger backbends’ […]

Ep. 29 – Uplift!

Here’s a strong flow with loads of backbends to uplift. We’ll feel the potential of the practice to uplift our body, our mind, and our spirit.  Expect a well-balanced sequence with loads of sun salutations, a full crop of standing poses, and many backbends with a particular emphasis on tracing […]

Prepare for Bigger Backbends

Backbends are demanding and invigorating. They require a combination of flexibility and strength that can vary from person to person. They require patience and preparation. Often our ability to backbend in big and deep ways can be limited by muscular and soft tissue tightness across the front of the hips, […]

Ep. 19 – Breath Power Vinyasa Flow (Live Class)

Breath Power Vinyasa Flow Podcast! Breathe, breathe, breathe! This full-length live vinyasa flow podcast class brings your attention back to the breath through many ways.  First, we’ll relax into exhalations and slowly begin to breathe awareness into the upper body.  Then, we’ll turn on the core as powered by exhalation. […]