Ep. 73 – Stretch for 30

Need a practice that isn’t too active but is still yoga – meaning you can feel the body, breathe, and work with physical and mental tension? Well – here you go! We will go through stretchy but accessible poses for 30 minutes including a whole range of hip and shoulder openers systematically timing […]

Ep. 66 – Neck Quick Fix

Here’s some yoga for your neck. Quick and easy. We’ll go through a few stretches and releases for the upper back and neck to alleviate some of the pain that comes from our modern posture and forward head position.  Remember, be gentle! (Gentle/8 Minutes) Donate a small amount to help […]

Ep. 62 – Evening Letting Go

Here’s a no-fuss evening letting go of stress, fatigue, or whatever you need to let go of practice. We’ll go through some gentle shoulder, hip, and spine releases and end on the floor. If you want to do more there is an optional additional 10 minutes of restorative and meditation. […]

Ep. 50 – Breathe it Out

As simple as it can get. This is a short and effective relaxation practice to get you breathing and feeling balanced. You can practice at your desk, your kitchen table, or on your mat. (5 minutes/Gentle) Donate a small amount to help keep this podcast free  

Ep. 48 – Slow & Chill

Before meditation, before bedtime, or before anything stressing you out, here’s a short, slow, and chill practice to unwind through the hips and spine.  You’ll spend most of the time lying down and letting tension unwind.  All you need is a yoga brick or a firm cushion. (Gentle/20 Minutes) Donate a […]

Ep. 43 – Sit, Stretch, Unwind

Here’s a short seated practice with a series of folds, twists, side stretches, and general all-around relaxation.  A great way to unwind at the end of the day or prepare for meditation.  One of my favourite go-to sequences. (Gentle/8 minutes) Donate a small amount to help keep this podcast free  

Ep. 38 – Get Bolstered Up

I love me some bolster time.  Here’s a reasonably long and indulgent slow and relaxing practice involving a bolster.  We’ll do child’s pose, twist, recline over the bolster and then have some full release into savasana.  If you don’t have a bolster, don’t despair, you can get creative and use […]

Ep. 37 – Sick of Being Sick

This is a practice for when you’ve been sick for awhile and still don’t have much energy but need to do something. We’ll spend most of the time on the floor or seated stretching and moving through most of the body in a very gentle way, breathing, and calming down […]

Ep. 24 – Gentle Practice

Not every practice has to be full-steam ahead. There are times you want to move, but don’t want much intensity, or just simply don’t have it in you.  This practice is designed to give you a little bit of everything at a slow speed and low intensity. There will be […]

Ep. 23 – Get ready to relax

Ready to relax but a bit too keyed up and feeling tight from work? This is a simple practice filled with seated neck releases and shoulder stretches. We’ll go through a series of postures to help unwind tight necks, shoulders, and upper backs, and then develop a deeper awareness of […]