Ep. 70 – Keep on Keeping On Flow

This flow is all about commitment and sticking with it as the heat cranks up. We’ll go through a relatively straight forward progression of warm up, sun salutations, standing poses and arm balances, backbends, and winding down. We’ll build complications (like binds and bakasana and eka pada koundinyasana II) as […]

Ep. 69 – Slow, Strong, & Steady Flow

This is a slow, strong, and steady flow practice where we really enjoy an unhurried pace and the ability to feel and experience deeply. We will luxuriate through a slowed down series of sun salutations, deepen into standing postures, and play with some arm balances including bakasana and eka pada […]

Ep. 57 – Twist and Don’t Fall Over Flow

We’re going to twist while balancing in a number of ways. We’ll strengthen core, deepen spinal twist, and learn how to breathe and stay focused through it all. We’ll also work on balancing in other ways with some handstand/l-shape hops. This is a sweaty and strong flow but with options […]

How to do crow pose

Ep. 49 – Bakasana, Crow Pose, Crane Pose

How to do Crow Pose Bakasana, Crow Pose, Crane Pose, or whatever you want to call it can be tough. Really, it is just a combination of a bunch of simple and common yoga postures and movements. Combining them can, however, be tricky.  This short tutorial practice will teach all […]

Ep. 34 – Forearm Stand at the Wall

Forearm Stand/Pincha Mayurasana prep and practice using the wall. Need a bit of extra time to work on this pose? We often don’t have time to really break it down in crowded studio classes, so here is just what you need to insert into your home practice.  I’ll guide you […]

Ep. 31 – Twist, Side-Bend, and Float

Demanding and uncomplicated. In this audio yoga practice we will side bend, twist, and float into handstand and side crow pose.  Short and sweet without being rushed.  We will start small and calm, build up intensity, and take it back down so you finish feeling balanced.  Energising and fun. Enjoy! […]

Ep. 28 – Handstand at the Wall

Handstand can be incredibly daunting, but there is indeed a path leading up to it. One of the first things you can do is start incorporating some practice at the wall.  All you need is a wall, or a door, or a refrigerator you don’t mind banging in to.  Set […]

Ep. 26 – Flying Pigeon Flow

Here’s an incremental flow working on flexibility and strength leading up to flying pigeon pose or eka pada galavasana. You’ll do plenty of hip opening, core strength, and arm strength work before leading up to some play in the arm balance.  Some familiarity with the basic shape as well as […]

Ep. 22 – Flow for strength and discipline

We’ve moved beyond the momentum of new year’s resolutions and are now into the hard work of keeping ourselves practicing and making positive choices for self care. We’ll feel that challenge in the body by learning to make small shifts in shoulder strengthening actions to build deeper breath and greater […]

Ep. 18 – Yoga Upper Body Strengthening

Yoga Upper Body Strengthening Podcast Join me for a full home practice focusing on yoga upper body strengthening.  Expect precise work to engage the external rotators and strengthen the rhomboids, serratus anterior, and lats.  Basically, everything that helps you move the shoulder-blades and stabilise the joint. We’ll work on plank, […]