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Ep. 70 – Keep on Keeping On Flow

This flow (re-recorded after the original post had some technical difficulty!) is all about commitment and sticking with it as the heat cranks up. We’ll go through a relatively straight forward progression of warm up, sun salutations, standing poses and arm balances, backbends, and winding down. We’ll build complications (like […]

Ep. 69 – Slow, Strong, & Steady Flow

This is a slow, strong, and steady flow practice where we really enjoy an unhurried pace and the ability to feel and experience deeply. We will luxuriate through a slowed down series of sun salutations, deepen into standing postures, and play with some arm balances including bakasana and eka pada […]

Ep. 67 – Heartspace Flow

By physically opening the front and back of yoga heart region, we will explore the possibility of metaphorically opening up ourselves to be more compassionate to ourselves and others. Expect lots of upper body opening, backbends, and flow to get us in the mood. (All Levels/62 Minutes) Donate a small […]

Ep. 65 – Sideways Flow

This flow emphasises side stretch and backbends through postures including reverse warrior, side plank, wild thing, and half camel pose. This class is strong while still deeply felt and expressive. Oh yeah, you’ll get some forearm balance practice as well. While we feel these postures we’ll learn to feel into […]

Ep. 63 – Squat and Stretch Flow

Squat, stretch and flow through this full-length live class. We will work slowly and steadily to release tension in the inner thigh and hamstring muscle groups through a squat infused flow building up to some targeted work in standing poses and standing balances. We will finish on the floor with […]

Ep. 61 – Hip Pointers

We’ll begin with some dynamic opening followed by pretty straight forward flow with loads of attention on opening across the front of the hips. This energetic chain up the front helps us break through all the stress and tension we accumulate from sitting or scrunching in through stress. After some […]

Ep. 59 – Say Hello To Your Upper Body Flow

Here’s an all levels flow to awaken the upper body through stretch, strength, arm balance, and inversion. We’ll go through a well rounded series of postures and spend a bit of time on bakasana and handstand (or the prep work to get there). Optional props: Block and Brick (All Levels/63 […]

Ep. 57 – Twist and Don’t Fall Over Flow

We’re going to twist while balancing in a number of ways. We’ll strengthen core, deepen spinal twist, and learn how to breathe and stay focused through it all. We’ll also work on balancing in other ways with some handstand/l-shape hops. This is a sweaty and strong flow but with options […]

Ep. 55 – Side Plank Flow!

Here’s a full length class recorded live focusing on side body, side plank, and a few variations. Through this series we will do plenty of shoulder and chest opening and finish off with some backbends. Even though there are a few tough poses we will move slowly and have options […]

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Ep. 52 – Twisted Flow

Let’s twist! In this full length class you will learn how moving the hips help you deepen your twists.  We’ll progressively deepen our twists building up to revolved triangle and finish it off with a few backbends, including some variations of either bridge pose or upward-facing bow pose depending on […]