quick fix

Ep. 66 – Neck Quick Fix

Here’s some yoga for your neck. Quick and easy. We’ll go through a few stretches and releases for the upper back and neck to alleviate some of the pain that comes from our modern posture and forward head position.  Remember, be gentle! (Gentle/8 Minutes) Donate a small amount to help […]

hamstring helpers

Ep. 56 – Hamstring Helpers

For years I struggled with and against my hamstrings and sought every way possible to stretch them. But sometimes the indirect path is the best and leads to a more pleasant journey. This practice will stretch the hamstrings by not stretching the hamstrings constantly and directing some attention to the […]

Ep. 54 – Strengthen Hamstrings & Glutes

We stretch our hamstrings and glutes a lot in yoga but we don’t often spend time strengthening them. This short practice will give you a quick fix you can repeat regularly as well as give you ideas to add strength to your regular practice.  Hopefully this will help diminish the […]

yoga hamstring strengthener

Yoga Hip Stretch

Ep. 53 – Friends of Pigeon Pose

Pigeon pose doesn’t work for you? Or do you just want to try something different? Here are several pigeon pose alternatives to be able to stretch the outer hips, glutes, and external rotators. Get some ideas for class or just practice when you need a hip opening fix. (Gentle/10 minutes) Donate […]

Ep. 46 – Warm It Up

Here’s an all-purpose warm-up to get you ready to practice or just to feel good in your body.  We’ll go through a series of shoulder openers, hip openers, and spinal movements and small backbends.  Afterwards you can go through your sun salutations and standing poses or just get on with […]

Ep. 43 – Sit, Stretch, Unwind

Here’s a short seated practice with a series of folds, twists, side stretches, and general all-around relaxation.  A great way to unwind at the end of the day or prepare for meditation.  One of my favourite go-to sequences. (Gentle/8 minutes) Donate a small amount to help keep this podcast free  

Ep. 41 – Sun Salute Away

Right to the point. Here are three half salutations, two low lunging salutations with locust pose to warm up, three sun-salute a’s, and three sun salute b’s.  Perfect way to get ready for your standing poses or just have a morning invigoration.  (All Levels/14 Minutes) Donate a small amount to […]

Sun salutations

Desk Yoga

Ep. 40 – Five-Minute Desk Rescue 1

Stuck at your desk and feeling crummy? Here’s a super quick fix to stretch shoulders, spine, and hips. You can do everything standing behind your chair and be back to work before anyone notices.  Great for self-care during your day. (All Levels/5 Minutes) Donate a small amount to help keep this […]

Ep. 36 – Post Gym Practice

Wiped out from the gym and your cardio routine? Here’s a quick fix practice to stretch hamstrings, hips, quads, shoulders and just cool you down in general. We’ll start with a bit of movement and then slow down into stillness. Easy to do on a mat in the gym or […]

Ep. 31 – Twist, Side-Bend, and Float

Demanding and uncomplicated. In this audio yoga practice we will side bend, twist, and float into handstand and side crow pose.  Short and sweet without being rushed.  We will start small and calm, build up intensity, and take it back down so you finish feeling balanced.  Energising and fun. Enjoy! […]