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Ep. 73 – Stretch for 30

Need a practice that isn’t too active but is still yoga – meaning you can feel the body, breathe, and work with physical and mental tension? Well – here you go! We will go through stretchy but accessible poses for 30 minutes including a whole range of hip and shoulder openers systematically timing […]

Ep. 66 – Neck Quick Fix

Here’s some yoga for your neck. Quick and easy. We’ll go through a few stretches and releases for the upper back and neck to alleviate some of the pain that comes from our modern posture and forward head position.  Remember, be gentle! (Gentle/8 Minutes) Donate a small amount to help […]

Ep. 40 – Five-Minute Desk Rescue 1

Stuck at your desk and feeling crummy? Here’s a super quick fix to stretch shoulders, spine, and hips. You can do everything standing behind your chair and be back to work before anyone notices.  Great for self-care during your day. (All Levels/5 Minutes) Donate a small amount to help keep this […]

Desk Yoga

Ep. 36 – Post Gym Practice

Wiped out from the gym and your cardio routine? Here’s a quick fix practice to stretch hamstrings, hips, quads, shoulders and just cool you down in general. We’ll start with a bit of movement and then slow down into stillness. Easy to do on a mat in the gym or […]

Ep. 23 – Get ready to relax

Ready to relax but a bit too keyed up and feeling tight from work? This is a simple practice filled with seated neck releases and shoulder stretches. We’ll go through a series of postures to help unwind tight necks, shoulders, and upper backs, and then develop a deeper awareness of […]

Ep. 22 – Flow for strength and discipline

We’ve moved beyond the momentum of new year’s resolutions and are now into the hard work of keeping ourselves practicing and making positive choices for self care. We’ll feel that challenge in the body by learning to make small shifts in shoulder strengthening actions to build deeper breath and greater […]

Ep. 18 – Yoga Upper Body Strengthening

Yoga Upper Body Strengthening Podcast Join me for a full home practice focusing on yoga upper body strengthening.  Expect precise work to engage the external rotators and strengthen the rhomboids, serratus anterior, and lats.  Basically, everything that helps you move the shoulder-blades and stabilise the joint. We’ll work on plank, […]