Word of Mouth

Here’s what some people are saying about my teaching.

Group Classes:

Image by Sylvie Minois (http://sylvie-minois.blogspot.co.uk)

“[Adam] combine[es] a light sense of humour & positive ‘don’t take yourself too seriously’ attitude with an excellent knowledge of the practice.” - Indra, Yogi and Founder of Om Exchange (see more of her blog review here)

” I first contacted Adam due to persistent back pain. He created a personalised routine tailored to my needs that was relaxing without me feeling silly or self-conscious. Afterwards my body felt like it had had a full workout at the gym and I felt muscles engaged which I never knew existed.  Adam’s instructions are clear and he keeps the jargon to a minimum and only where relevant. Several months on, I am amazed to report I have had no backache at all.  My core strength seems to be much better and I am also pleased to report a more toned body. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone who was not convinced by the idea of yoga to promote a healthier stronger body and mind.  It’s calming but it’s not easy.  I was extremely surprised by the results, especially in such a short space of time, and I always look forward to Adam’s classes.  If there is something you want to achieve through yoga, whether it’s something specific like back pain or just general wellbeing, Adam will help you to do so and keep you motivated.” – Scot, Solicitor

“Adam at triyoga took us through a rockin’ restorative class” – Jaime Komer, Olympic Silver Medalist on her blog

Private Instruction:

1920086_748430435190225_1005208220_n“I started seeing Adam for private lessons as I was struggling with severe anxiety and panic attacks. When I first went to see him, Adam’s warm welcome made me feel instantly at ease. Adam was able to basically give me a yoga prescription, this included daily sun salutations, poses and breathing exercises. Adam has great energy and even when your legs are burning holding a pose you can’t help but smile. The breathing exercises in particular have completely changed my life. Within the first week of following my ‘homework’ I felt stronger and I have not had a single panic attack since. Adam’s approach goes beyond what I had expected, it really looks at the whole health picture. He has taught me that what I need in my life is to be able to read what my body needs. Yoga is helping me develop this awareness.” – Jude, Business Analyst

“Adam is a marvellous teacher. He understands that every body is not the same yet he stretches you and plans a series of yoga exercises that develop your knowledge of your own body. I have become more supple and I have more energy. Adam has a sense of humour; a class with him is an oasis of peace in the day.” – William, Event Producer


Turkey-Short-List-16“I feel that I’ve learnt more from this week’s retreat about yoga and myself than I have done since first starting my journey in yoga in 1997! It seems that I will want to follow you both to the ends of the earth.” – Steven M

“Both Jill & Adam have the perfect balance between working on the technicalities of the poses and movements with a more healing and spiritual element too. I’m taking home a sense of inner strength, healing, and peace.” – Alex K

“I like the balance between flow and held poses, and find them very responsive to the pace and energy of the group.  Adam is particularly good at giving stopping points to accommodate differences in the group and always makes me feel that where I am, even if not very far, is still valuable. The support and guidance they have given me this week have been so wonderful. I have been truly touched by the gentle and loving way that they have enabled me to find my own version of the poses whilst still feeling very much part of the group. ” – Kate G



“Adam’s in-depth knowledge of yoga was very apparent but his light-hearted attitude and fun spirited interaction with the class is what made it special.” – Indra, Yogi and Founder of Om Exchange (see more of her blog review here)

“I LOVED Adam’s workshop. It was absolutely brilliant. Back to basics but so so intelligent, in depth and explorative. I really learnt and also it put some confidence back in not ‘going so far’ in poses and focusing on the detail at each stage rather than feeling the need to advance. I really liked the way in which we worked in pairs and he explained things in a ‘how you feel’ way. He has a wonderful teaching manner, fun inclusive, clear and balanced. I think he is possibly one of my most favourite teachers ever!” – Cat

“Adam offered a fresh and creative flow, spiced with several partner yoga moves that allowed us to connect as a group and just have fun with one other.” – Carole, yoga blogger (see more of her blog review here)