Online Class Monday 30 March 8pm (London)


A special class to bring care, kindness, and compassion to body and mind while stuck at home. Adam will bring all his favourite yoga tools to flow, strengthen, stretch, and relax, modified to do anywhere from your living room to your kitchen. Expect a few challenges, a few laughs, and a restful ending. Have a few blankets or towels ready to go. Book via the ticket link (just go to the 30th) and you’ll get a zoom link shortly before the class.

Online Q&A - Sunday at 7pm

Details coming soon!

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This is a short, guided meditation, that eases you into your comfort and then helps you find a personal slogan, mantra, or affirmation to use as a focal point for relaxation.

Free video practice: Self-Care Flow

This yoga class is perfect for when we feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed or just have a busy mind. It is a gentle class for anytime; when you just feel that you need to be kind to yourself, when you are anxious and wired, or when you don’t like what you’re reading in the news. Come back to the reality of your body and breath with this flow practice. In this sequence we go through familiar and calming patterns of movement and spend time enjoying the internal life of postures through strengthening techniques that bring us more deeply into our bodies and the reality of the present moment. As we start feeling a bit better, we round it off with some self-massage and a powerful compassion meditation.

For more video classes, visit my Movement for Modern Life Page. If you are not a subscriber, you can get a 14-day free trial, and 20% discount for ongoing subscriptions with code ADAM20

Even if there is no one around you, you are not alone. This simple feel-good practice helps you connect to all the people that love you and all of us practising together around the world. Will use meditation, breath, flow, and visualisation. You will even have your own especially summoned yoga assistant to support you. This is the practice I needed and wanted to share with you. (60 Minutes/All Levels)

As a self-employed person, I am now effectively unemployed. If you can pay for the classes I provide free-of-charge on this site I would much appreciate it.

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I will update this page daily with new info! Check out Live Q&A below and newly selected audio classes.

Due to the potential risks of COVID-19, I will not be teaching in-person classes or workshops for the next few weeks. I recognise that this will be common for many studios and locations around the world, so I have put together some online resources to make sure you can continue to practise and we can stay connected to each other.    

See below for:

  • Free Online Classes (and ones you can pay for!)
  • Livestream Events
  • Readings for continued learning

Please share with whoever needs it and send requests so I can update this page during the week and next Monday with new content.


Free Audio Practices

Here are a couple favourite free audio practices I’ve chosen for you to use throughout the week.  I also have an extensive archive of 135 audio classes for you to choose from to fill out your practice for the week. 

NEW: Afternoon Express Reset Flow

A go-to yoga class when you are short on time and need to invigorate, re-energise and find creative focus. This is a full-body, energising flow and even a sneaky arm balance. This is a really wonderful mid-afternoon pick me up or equally a great way to start the day. No props needed and no excuses about not having the time. A little yoga can go a long way!

60-minute flow audio practice

Backbends for your Feet

8-minute stretch audio practice

Sit, Stretch, Unwind

Weekly Reading

What is Asana?

Why are we practising poses, and what do they do for us? What do a load of other teachers have to say about it?

Simple Shareable Yoga

Share this guide and curated practices with whoever needs it

Facebook Live Posture Q&A

Recorded Tuesday 17 March

We discussed:

  • Downward-Facing Dog Alignment and Modifications
  • Developing Wrist and Shoulder Strength
  • The path towards chaturanga
  • Troubleshooting seated poses and balancing shapes
  • And much more!

Another one to follow later this month.