Conversation with myself

It is a choice to take care of myself.

It is a choice to want to feel better.

It is a choice to get on my mat before breakfast instead of snoozing to Lite FM.

I don’t always enjoy practice or want to do it. That’s okay.

But I do always enjoy how it makes me feel afterwards. That’s even better.

It’s a discipline, and a strong one, to make good choices for myself every day.

It is perhaps the simplest and the hardest work of my life to cultivate good habits in the face of challenge, stress, and grief rather than run away or fall into addictive patterns and behaviours.

It’s easy to think that yoga is just luxury exercise or spiritual stretching, but in reality it is me using the tool most readily available to me and real – my body. It is using this tool to explore, to challenge, to strengthen, to feel, to process, to dialogue with my experience of life.

I can make shapes or I can use the shapes to help re-make me. To reveal. To restore. To reclaim what a lot of emotional and physical baggage has gotten in the way of.

I’m not the only one doing this nor am I on a unique journey. Even in the dark of morning, coffee cup in hand, slightly pissed off at my alarm clock and the need to spend some time to take care of myself. I do not practice alone.

We walk the path together.