Corporate Training

So I was in a 9 hour corporate training session today. What I found interesting was the core concepts we were taught all began from a place I thought seemed suspiciously yoga. Here’s my summary of what was taught as fundamental to achieving the business aim I’ll spare you of:

1. Be Present
2. Be self-reflective
3. Adjust as necessary
4. Prepare and Practice

Isn’t this what we’re practicing on the mat? It’s clear that basic productivity in any type of environment, even business comes back to these factors – we must be in the present moment and out of the stories in our head, we must be able to become the observer and have the self-awareness to realise if we are succeeding or not. We must be able to take that self-awareness and adjust our current behaviors. Finally we must take this awareness and learn from it, understand what we need to do or adjust and practice and work on it.

This is the same fundamental work you do working on finding a difficult pose with ease and breath awareness.

And this experimentation on the mat gives you skills that will help you achieve anything.

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