“Mindfulness must be engaged. Once we see something needs to be done, we must take action. Seeing and acting go together. Otherwise, what is the use of seeing.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

The third of my three imperatives: ENGAGE

The work of our yoga practices teaches us to care for ourselves, experience the magic of the world, and compassionately engage with others. Each month, in partnership with Yogadana, I choose a charitable organisation to learn about and support through my workshops or classes. I invite you to learn more about the below and widen your field of compassion.

Earthchild Project

Earthchild Project offers yoga and healthy living programmes in South African townships. 

Water for People

Water for People is an international nonprofit working across nine countries to bring safe water and sanitation to four million people. 

International Planned Parenthood Federation

IPPF delivers health services (including family planning, HIV/AIDS screening, GBV support, and FGM/C counseling) for women in developing countries.

Heifer International

Heifer International empowers families in developing countries by bringing sustainable agriculture and commerce to areas with a long history of poverty and by providing animals that offer food and reliable income to recipients.


Ourmala provides yoga and other services to refugees and asylum seekers in London

Yoga Gives Back

Yoga Gives Back provides micro-credit loans and education funding that has helped over 300 girls to stay in school, avoiding child labor and/or marriage; increased income for over 400 mothers; and provided high school and higher education scholarships for approximately 150 destitute teenaged children.