Ep. 131 – Eka Pada Galavasana! (Flying Pigeon)

This is a straight forward practice to develop Eka Pada Galavasana, commonly referred to as ‘Flying Pigeon Pose.’ We will do a bit of hip warm-up, the shape on our back, a little flow, and then use bricks to help us fold into it, and then take them away and see how we go. Remember the stages of the pose are (see photos below):

  1. Raise heel off floor
  2. Raise bottom foot up, heel to bum
  3. Lift bottom knee away from body and back
  4. Straighten bottom leg away – balancing reach of leg back with reach of chest forward

You will need two bricks, although you can practise without them. (30 minutes/Intermediate)

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Health & Safety Disclaimer

Photos: Yoga and Photo by Cecille

Raise bottom heel
Raise heel up and into bum
Lift knee away from top leg
Don't fall over