Ep. 152 – Pattern Breaking Mega-Flow

Tired of doing the same thing every day? Both the body and mind respond to variety, which is something we are starved of at the moment. This full-length workshop-style practice is designed to shake-up your habits and help you experience vinyasa yoga, and maybe a bit of your life, with joy and present-moment clarity. We will explore sun-salutations like you’ve never done them, unusual and weird poses, funky transitions, reverse breathing, and maybe even do it all in the completely ‘wrong’ order. Expect to flow, arm-balance, and go upside-down, in ways made accessible and fun. You will need a blanket (or whatever allows you to slide on your floor) and a brick. (Advanced/90 Minutes)

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Legs in 90/90 Position – Photo: Yoga and Photo by Cecille