Ep. 20 – Yoga Calf Stretches

Yoga Calf Stretches

Through about four quick yoga calf stretches and lower leg releases, prep for your yoga practice or get a little head-start on stretching your hamstrings and feeling empowered through your legs in standing postures. Calf muscles blend with the hamstrings and can play a major part in the openness of your entire leg.  Additionally, feet and lower legs are crucial in building up from the ground in standing postures, so we should bring them attention in our warm-ups and throughout practice. We’ll use a mat, a narrow foam block, and a chair.  If you don’t have the foam block you can roll your mat or use a book. If you don’t have a chair you can use, you can push against a wall. (all levels/8 minutes)

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Yoga Calf stretches
Standing forward fold on a narrow block