Five reasons to go on a yoga retreat

Here are five good reasons to go on a yoga retreat!

1. Time

How often do we say we don’t have enough time to meditate, to practise longer, or to give ourselves the opportunities for rest and healing we know we need? Well, go away for a week on a yoga retreat and there are no more excuses. You are gifted with time and resources. This is first a blessing, and then scarily lets everything bubble up to the surface that has been hidden away, and then ultimately hugely restorative.


Me Warrior One-ing as a student on retreat with Kate Ellis in France last year.

2. Community

When you go on a yoga retreat with a teacher you like, you will automatically be surrounded by like-minded teacher who are interested in the same approach to body and spirit that has brought you there. Going through the deep inquiries that yoga provides with the compassionate support of a good group is hugely therapeutic, comforting, and hopefully fun! Much better than drowsy self-practice by yourself.


We got a little wild on the lawn, as a particularly festive group in France last year.

3. Routine

When you’re home, working, minding children, and tending to domestic tasks you inevitably get distracted. Your best efforts to have a consistent practice will get derailed. On a retreat you’ll practice the same amount of time every day, often with a similar structure to the practice. For me, it’s about an energising and re-focusing morning, and a calming, restorative, meditative evening – fitting nicely into the natural rhythm of a day. Building this routine, elements of which will hopefully stay with you when you leave, is a huge benefit of the retreat


The Yoga shala at the Pomegranate, where I’ll be hosting a retreat in Turkey this summer.

4. Perspective

The word retreat means to withdraw, to stand back, to step away. And that is hugely important! Every so often we need to get out of the non-stop flow of momentum, of habit, and of complacency and have the opportunity to reflect, to feel, and acknowledge what is good, bad, happy, sad, productive, or destructive in our lives. Perspective is everything, and getting away combined with the healthy practice of yoga will give you that necessary space.

simon and sunset

Sunset at the Pomegranate Boutique Hotel, Turkey

5. Nature & Sun

Not just because I love some good sunbathing, but because nature heals. We all know a life with a lot of concrete can be a bummer and natural beauty has an ineffable effect on the soul. For us Londoners some good old Vitamin D from a sunny climate can also do wonders to get you out of the doldrums. Most retreat centres are situated within beautiful natural locales for good reason. Plus, I just get a buzz from packing a bathing suit and sunscreen.

Blue Spirit, Costa Rica, where I'll be hosting a retreat in March 2015

Blue Spirit, Costa Rica, where I’ll be hosting a retreat in March 2015


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