New Prop Fun – Manduka unBLOK

Often I get to try out new yoga products, and I’ve been having fun with Manduka‘s new unBLOK this week.

I’m a big fan of prop use – you would know if you’ve been witness to some of my more indulgent classes requiring hours to clear the room of blocks, chairs, straps, bags and blankets. But seriously, prop use within reason is a good way to work in to poses that may not be easily available in your body, or to apply manual pressure and support into areas of the body like the upper back that could do we a prolonged and even poke (couldn’t we all, actually).

I’m glad we’re finally starting to realise that the human body is not made of legos or otherwise square – and rectangular blocks with flat edges aren’t always suitable.

The new unBLOK has rounded curves on top and side which are good for a more comfortable hand grip for standing pose support use. Unlike other curvy blocks, this one has a flat bottom to ensure stability. The curves are also great to place underneath the back and rest supine as a chest opener.

Here’s a look at me giving it a go.

Try some proppage in your practice.


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