Resources from 24 October Workshop

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Holding Space – Book Purchase


  1. Record a Class of Yourself – Do It. Listen objectively and kindly and answer these questions:
    1. What are the qualities of my voice that are coming across? Does the quality of my voice line up with the content I am teaching?
    2. If a video recording, does my body language line up with my words and content of my teaching?
    3. How do I feel from the actual practice?
    4. Think back to when you started doing something new (like your first time teaching yoga!) – focus on how far you’ve come and grown.
  2. Personalise your pre- and post-class rituals and practise them. How does this affect your experience?
  3. Teach classes where you hold invigorating, relaxing, an all-inclusive spaces. Observe what you do to change the tone

1-2-1 Voice Coaching With Sarah

Warm-Up Practice

Pre and Post Class Check-Ins

Teaching Online

New Opportunities for Yoga Teachers in Lockdown – Sarah Scharf

Presentation Slides

Further Resources

Conditions for Calm, Roger Cole

Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

Actions: The Actor’s Thesaurus

Voice and the Vagus/Polyvagal Theory

Talk Time Interview

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