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“I feel that I’ve learnt more from this week’s retreat about yoga and myself than I have done since first starting my journey in yoga in 1997! It seems that I will want to follow you to the ends of the earth.” – Steven M

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What people are saying:

emmaquote2“It was the perfect combination of instruction, exercise, meditation, and restoration. This week will stay with me forever as a week of growth, acceptance, adventure, and peace.” – Leigh R

“I found the balance of considered and strong flow with an awareness of the body and anatomy amazing. Both strengthening and super mature” – Fran L

“The length and intensity of the practice, combined with repeated emphasis on self care helped me find greater patience and far sighted confidence in my growth….You are inspiring and have brought me a lot of joy this week” – Micah C

“The perfect balance between working on the technicalities of the poses and movements with a more healing and spiritual element too. I’m taking home a sense of inner strength, healing, and peace.” – Alex K

“I like the balance between flow and held poses, and find them very responsive to the pace and energy of the group. Adam is particularly good at giving stopping points to accommodate differences in the group and always makes me feel that where I am, even if not very far, is still valuable. The support and guidance they have given me this week have been so wonderful. I have been truly touched by the gentle and loving way that they have enabled me to find my own version of the poses whilst still feeling very much part of the group. ” – Kate G

“Best holiday ever! Especially for a yoga beginner. ” – Shobha N

“The formula is ideal for people like me who enjoy yoga but still want a holiday and relaxation. ” – Chris A

Past Yoga Retreats:

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