Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be really good at yoga?

This retreat is for all levels and every class will include instructions and modifications to cater to a variety of levels of experience, flexibility, strength, and desire for more or less intensity. In past retreats, students of all ages from beginners to teachers have participated and found their own individualised practice.

What should I expect in the morning flow practice?

Morning practice will be energetic with the intention to wake you up and challenge you to a level that is suitable and sustainable for you. Throughout the two hours we will have a brief meditation, a long warm-up to prime your body for the practice, sustained flow at a moderate pace and then in depth work on a few poses both individually and with partners. We will have a high level of repetition from practice to practice so you can gain confidence and dive deeper throughout the course of the retreat. We will conclude with a long and refreshing savasana.

Will I be able to last through two hours of practice?

Although two-hours of practice may seem daunting if you’ve only participated in short classes previously or none at all. But,it is actually quite a luxury and allows for a longer warm-up and wind-down as well as a moderate pace and ability to regroup between challenges. There will be no need to rush and plenty of time to recover.

I’m not that physically fit, will I be ok?

A yoga retreat can be a marathon for some, but I am well used to managing the ups and downs of energy levels and aches and pains. As long as you communicate with me both before and during the retreat your concerns, I can help you modify so that you can make it through the retreat feeling strong and refreshed.

What should I expect from the evening relaxation practice?

The evenings will be much more mellow than the morning and will be a combination of yin yoga (long-held stretches and releases for the body), restorative yoga (fully supported postures held for a long time to calm the nervous system and rest the body), calming breath-work, and guided meditation.

Do I have to come to every practice?

I of course hope that you will, but also realise that there is the occasional need to just have some time for yourself. Feel free to take a morning or an evening off as necessary, or customise your schedule to suit your intentions for the retreat and maintenance of your body and energy levels.

I’m an advanced student or teacher, will there be enough to challenge me?

Just let me know before or during the retreat if you would like more detail, subtle cueing, or more complicated postures to work with and I will be happy to help you individualise your practice within the structure of the group practice.

I’m not very spiritual, or, I’m very spiritual, is this retreat for me?

We aim for an inclusive, non-dogmatic style of practice and contemplation that allows room for both. In modern, accessible, and practical ways, we will offer teachings from both Eastern and Western spiritual and philosophical traditions and thematically infuse them into the practices we do together. However, if your focus is to breathe and move, you can keep your practice there and you will still have plenty to keep you occupied. We will focus on the experience of practice rather than dogma or traditional texts.