Simple Shareable Yoga

Here are my favourite practices that you can share with your friends, family, and loved ones who think they can’t do yoga. These practices are simple, accessible, and effective.

Accessible yoga audio practices

Breathe it out

As simple as it can get. This is a short and effective relaxation practice to get you breathing and feeling balanced. You can practice at your desk, your kitchen table, or on your mat. (5 minutes)

Get ready to relax

This is a simple practice filled with seated neck releases and shoulder stretches. We’ll go through a series of postures to help unwind tight necks, shoulders, and upper backs, and then develop a deeper awareness of breath. This will act as a practice to help calm you down, reverse the negative effects of computer posture, and potentially prepare you for seated meditation practice.  (15 minutes)

Shoulders be stretched

A quick seated (even on a chair) shoulder-opening series. Great anytime and even at your desk. (8 minutes)

Ten-minute wind-down

Here’s a really mellow ten-minute forward fold practice. Great before bed or when you just need to calm a neurotic mind down. I did all the folds sitting on a narrow foam block. If you don’t have one try a firmly folded blanket. Enjoy! (10 minutes)

15-minutes with a chair

Seated practice you can do anywhere with a chair. I often do it in airports! (15 minutes)

Accessible yoga video practices

Learn a half sun salutation

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