New Year Yoga Workshop

New Year Flow to Unlock + Reset

Let’s get on the mat, remember why we practice, and clean up the way we’re doing it in this new year yoga workshop. Through a two-hour complete flow, plot a course for your 2016 yoga journey and return to fundamental instructions for breath and meditation, set reasonable ‘advanced pose’ challenges to keep yourself interested, and deepen your ability to relax and feel contentment. We tend to over-complicate our lives and our yoga practices, so let’s regroup, focus, and inspire each other!

Yoga Beginners

Yoga Beginners: 8-week course

In my yoga beginners courses you will learn a full-around sequence of all the major pose types to prepare you to enter any yoga class with confidence. Each week will include repetition of the themes and postures of the previous week so you grow and learn from repetition. I’ll support you with online resources you can use at home to practice and remember. This course runs until 23 February.