The Mat Dilemma

There comes a time in every yogi’s life where they must come face to face with a deeply personal and inconvenient truth.  This usually happens early on, during the same learning process that brings understanding of the ins and outs of warrior poses and ujjayi breath.  Occasionally, this truth is suppressed, ignored, and suffered in silence.

The truth that some need to bring to light is that their palms (and sometimes feet) are too damn sweaty and the mat they use (if they even have their own) ain’t working for them.

What’s to be done?

Often the answer lies in a great amount of experimentation.

Here are some ideas:

  • Chalk or liquid chalk.  You’ll feel like a gymnast and you probably won’t slip around. Although it does get messy.
  • A small hand towel at the top of the mat, or a full length non-slip towel the size of a yoga mat. There are loads of varieties and you may have to try a few.
  • A better yoga mat! Now here’s where it gets complicated.

There are TONS of yoga mat styles out there that are non-slip.  But you have to take care of them and get past the ‘breaking in’ period where they are often still slippery. It comes down usually to budget and preference for the feel and texture of the mat which one you decide to go with. Additionally, different companies have different philosophies and principles regarding how eco-friendly the mat is and what type of enterprise you support through your purchase.

Cork Yogis sent me a mat and beautiful mat bag to try out recently, adding a new option for those FullSizeRender (5)still seeking a non-slip solution.

Their mat resembles a normal rubber mat on the bottom, but the top layer has a thin layer of eco-friendly cork that when wet sustains grip. It needs a little spritz to begin as it is slippery without the moisture, but once wet was immediately grippy.  As long as you have your own natural font of perspiration or are in a sweaty class environment often, it should serve you well.  

I’m also happy to share their efforts with you as part of their efforts go to support Destiny Foundation, a charity that helps rescue young girls and women from a life of forced prostitution and sex slavery. Each yoga mat sold contributes to teaching a rescued woman being trained in new and productive job skills for better and safe employment.



With the help of the police, Destiny raid illegal brothels and rescue girls and young women. Once rescued, Destiny houses them, feeds them and teaches them skills to seek alternative employment. The charity is funded from products the girls make from donated sarees.

Cork Yogis founder Lara Sengupta says,  “Yoga has always been a love of mine and I know how much it helps and empowers women in the west. I wanted to combine my passion for Yoga with my desire to help these women! This is when I came up with the idea of pairing a new, innovative, super grip yoga mat with the handmade yoga mat bags made by Destiny’s women. Cork Yogis was born!”

Needed the grip for my lolasana

Needed the grip for my lolasana

Check out more about Cork Yogis and their bid on Pitch to Rich (for discounts!)