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Here’s a collection of my writing on yoga to support your practice and teaching.

On the yoga blog check out:

Yoga Practice DiaryInsight and Inspiration from my practice

Yoga Beginners: Tips especially prepared for beginners

Yoga Practice Tips: Guidance in refining your practice suitable for all levels

Yoga Teacher Tips: In depth interviews and research especially tailored for teachers


Additional selected writing as featured in:

omyoga   mindbodygreen

elephant journal    Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 19.30.46


Teacher Speak: Flat Back (Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine, September 2015 – Column)

Teacher Speak: Hip Openers (Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine, July/August 2015 – Column)

Teacher Speak: Listen to your body (Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine, June 2015 – Column)

Teacher Speak: Ground through your feet (Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine, May 2015 – Column)

Teacher Speak: Activate the Core (Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine, April 2015 – Column)

Teacher Speak: Take a Vinyasa (Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine, March 2015 – Column)

Teacher Speak: Open Your Heart  (Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine, December 2014 – Column)

Sneaky Office Yoga Adopt a yogic attitude to reduce the stresses of work (Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine, June 2014 – Cover Feature)

Bring your practice home Five ways to develop a home practice and avoid the distractions (Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine, November 2013 – Cover Feature)

The Big Leagues Are you ready for level three? I explore some common fears moving up to advanced classes (Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine, October 2013)

Real Men and Non Real Men Do Yoga Why I think we can do better in getting men to yoga class (Ohmme)

Yoga Support System (when you’re sweating, tired, or otherwise annoyed) (Soberistas)

Three best yoga poses to combat work stress and the logic behind it (Work Play Rest)

No excuses guide to staring yoga (Soberistas)

It’s getting hot in here Four reasons to get your sweat on and try warm vinyasa flow (triyoga Blog)

Yoga Tool Kit An interview I did on my personal approach to practice (The Life Centre website)

It’s Not Where You Start How I began yoga and a few lessons on staying committed to the practice (triyoga Blog)

Guru Richard Simmons What Richard Simmons taught me about practicing and teaching yoga (Recovering Yogi)

Yoga for Students A few tips and videos for university students or anybody coping with stress and desk posture-itis (TopUniversities.com)

Rediscovering my Yoga Practice  A chronicle of losing my father and the way yoga helped me through my grief.(Elephant Journal)

No, Mr. Swami, I’m not wasting my time On finding inspiration and wisdom from unlikely sources (Cafe Truth)