Yoga Practice Basics

Home Yoga Practice Structure

We can easily over complicate yoga practice. Sometimes, it’s good just to get back to basics and do a bit of everything to feel good. Trust the yoga!

For a well-rounded practice, I suggest the below structure. The shorter time frame will give you about a 30-minute practice, the longer time frame will give you about a 60-minute practice.  If you include restorative and meditation you can have a luxury two-and-a-half-hour practice! I highly suggest using a semi-rigorous structure and even using a timer. Dedication to the structure can actually liberate you to deepen into the practice.
If you need a primer, try a 30-minute yoga reset.
As you practice, focus on these three primary instructions:
1. Am I breathing slowly, fully, and deeply?
2. Am I focusing my gaze towards one still point?
3. Am I noticing the bodily sensations the poses deliver?

Meditation/Body Scan/Breathing – 5 minutes

Simply sit and check-in.

Warm-up – 5-15 minutes

Get your hips and shoulders ready. Try the ‘warm it up’ audio practice.

Sun-Salutations – 5-15 minutes

Get moving in rhythm to balance the nervous system. Try the ‘sun salute away’ audio practice.

Standing Poses – 5-10 minutes

Practice your favourite poses one at a time. Try three poses starting from warrior two stance (warrior two, side angle, triangle, half moon, etc.) and three poses starting from warrior one stance (warrior one, warrior three, revolved triangle, parsvottanasana, etc.). Yoga Journal has a good online database.

Inversion – 1-5 minutes

Handstand, forearm stand, headstand, or simply a wide-legged standing forward fold where your head is below your heart.

Seated Poses (Backbends, Twists, Forward folds) – 5-10 minutes

Check out the yoga journal database and practice your favourites.

Restorative (Optional) 5-60 minutes.

If you have the time, it is a great gift to give yourself to include some restorative poses. Feel free to make this the only thing you do!  Try the ‘get bolstered up’ audio practice.
A bit more guidance:

Savasana – 5-10 minutes

Set a timer and go to it.  Here are some tips to prop it well.

Meditation & Breath (Optional) – 5-20 minutes

Try 1:2 breath extending your exhale twice the length of your inhale. When you meditate notice without judgment when you are thinking and return to the breath.